Thursday, March 10, 2011

Portable Headphone Amplifier - What does it do?

Portable Headphone Amplifier

What does it do?

Ever feels that your ipod, iphone, mp3player lacks of a certain “punch” in sounds even with your high-end headphone/in-ear monitors?

Some people will just increase the volume on their player to make it louder.

But sometimes even at higher volumes, you still can’t get that “ooommmff” out of them. And high volume may even damage your eardrums.

Depending on the music, Constant tone or high quality amplifications for an overall acceptable volume level requires a lot of power to produce.

In hi-fidelity audio world, high-end equipment can produce / maintain sound quality without any distortion even in high volumes.

So, just think of the simple mp3 player, example ipods etc, powered by its internal battery of 3 ~ 4 volt. That’s why you see only simple earbuds or very efficient headphones with portables. The overall design on the player’s audio output simply does not cater for high-end amplifications with better headphones.

A portable amplifier addresses this problem of amplifications with better power supplies and opamps. This extra headphone amp is to make sure that every frequency, every tiny signal gets all the power to bring out the original intended sound that the your high end headphone/in-ear monitor is designed for.

Now not only you can turned the volume higher, you get a sound that is clearer, puncher with wider soundstage which brings your music to live.