Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NwavGuy O2 Headphone Amplifier

Madcap Audio
Nwavguy O2 Headphone Amplifier



The Objective2 (O2) is an open source headphone amplifier designed by Nwavguy, with emphasis on benchmark, performance and low cost.  Comes fully assembled with custom front plates O2 amplifier and a UK/SG power adapter.
Standard Features
·  Alps Dual Analog Potentiometer
·  3.5mm Input and Output Jacks
·  Dual Gain Switch (2.5x and 6.5x)
·  Opamps: JRC NJM2068D (Gain), 2x JRC NJM4556AD (Buffer)
·  AC Jack
·  Supports 9V Rechargeable NiMH Batteries for portability use. (Not Included) 

Custom Features
·  Custom 2 piece assembly front plates.
·  CNC Aluminum base piece sand blasted finishing, clear anodized coated.
·  Customized acrylic front piece.
·  Flush Aluminum Knobs with rubber grips.

·  Frequency Response: +/- 0.01dB (20Hz-20kHz)
·  Gain: 2.5x and 6.5x
·  Output Impedance: > 1 ohm
·  Case Dimensions: 108.50 x 80.00 29.50 x mm (excludes knobs/buttons)
·  Weight: Aprox 300g, with batteries 
·  2 stage Opamp design

·  Fully Assembled O2 Headphone Amplifier with Custom Front Plates. (Rev 1.1 - Nov 30th 2011)
·  240V AC to 15VAC 500mA UK/SG 3 Pin Power Adaptor Included.